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Summer trips

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Getting ready for two big motorcycle trips. I hope I get a clear window on May 12th, 13th, or 14th for my 1,000 mile ride to Birmingham, AL for Mercedes training and a trip to the Barber motorcycle museum and then tent camping for a week on the way back to NY through the Smokey and Blue Ridge Mountains.
Barber Motorsports Museum: Home
I made a bigger windscreen for the CBR250R and after a couple trials for the final location, it works perfectly to provide the magic blow dryer effect where any rain instantly forms tiny beads and blows straight down off my face shield with never a need to wipe. It would be cool to register the iron Butt 1,000 at over 100 mpg but that would depend on warm weather. I have been getting only 95 so far this year with cold mornings and the heat on.
For my second trip in June I actually have a friend to camp with at Americade this year riding 1,800 km over from the North Shore of Lake Superior on his CBR125R. He writes the nice trip reports on ADVrider.
Bears, Lairs, Snares, and Other Scares. The 2014 CBR125R Gathering | Adventure Rider
We are meeting at Boldt Castle on Sunday and riding over through The NY High Peaks to Lake George on Monday for a fun week of riding motorcycle demos and hanging with other moto afficionados. It will be interesting to read what he writes this time.
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Also Sendler, Cali has some amazing places to explore on two wheels. There are awesome mountain, desert and ocean roads throughout the entire state. Let me know if you come this way and I can point you to some great places to ride; maybe even join you!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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