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Last Saturday, as I returned home from work, my wife greeted me at the door with an overly-enthusiastic smile. We proceeded to have a very memorable evening. When it came time to relax in front of the TV, I picked up my laptop and found papers folded inside. On the outside, it read "I love you". Typical of my wife and didn't seem unusual. I opened the papers and it was a printout of the CBR250R overview and spec sheet. At the top was two dealership business cards stapled to it. I turned and asked the wife, "Did you go down to the dealership today?" To which she sheepishly replied, "Yea."
The last page of the stapled papers was a copy of a receipt. As it turned out, my wife had gone down to see the bike that I had been talking about. The dealership was having some kind of sales event and my wife ended up talking to a salesman and when she figured out the salesman was clueless, she asked for the manager. After a lengthy conversation about the bike and the very limited availability, my wife decided to put a down-payment on what will be the only Black non-ABS model that dealership will get before the 12's come out!! She said that she wanted to make sure that I got one because people had been constantly coming into the dealership enquiring about the new CBR. Thanks to my wife, I will have my CBR by August!! The manager said that it could be in as soon as July but definitely by August.

I'm a lucky man!! :D
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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