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Swapped over engine from one frame to another

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Hi I recently bought a 2012 Honda CBR250 and my partner and I found out that the frame was completely damaged in the front after we brought it home. But the bike was running mechanically perfect just cosmeticly and the front tire was hitting the frame of the car. So we made the choice to swap out the old frame with another frame, 2012 Honda CBR300. Everything moved over fine and I believed we hooked up all the components correctly, but now when we try and start it. It doesn’t do anything, no lights, nothing turns on or the engine doesn’t even make a clicking sound like it was going to turn over like a car does (if motorcycle engines do that as well, idk this is my first motorcycle ever, also this was my first time swapping a engine over. I didn’t do this all by myself I had my partners step dad come and help us who he knows a lot about doing that kind of things)
But I am charging the battery right now to see if maybe the battery died and I’m going to see if that doesn’t fix the problem. But please if anybody has any ideas or has swapped over a engine from one bike to another bike. Please let me hear your stories/ideas/experiences so that I can check with my bike to see if I might have missed something because right now I am at a lost for words.
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