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Hi Guys (Girls???),
Looks like I'll have a bit of free time this weekend - finance is taking a bit longer than planned. So I'm planning a blast down the Old Pacific. Also give me a chance to record some video of the road to send to family overseas.

Not sure which day yet - Saturday is looking likely. Again, assuming the weather is fine.


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Hi mate! I know it's crazy late notice but a buddy and I are heading down to the Nat Park this this morning. Leaving Redfern (my place) 9 am. You're very welcome.

Given that's probably not feasible for you at this late stage tho, it would be great to plan a catch up ride soon. I'm keen to do:
- wiseman's ferry
- putty road
- bell's & the darling causeway
- Oberon

However, November is looking like sh1t with thesis writing and work travel. We might need to plan ahead.

If you can manage this morning, sms me to let me know.

Cheers Ben

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