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Tablelands ride

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My first long-ish ride of the year. 265 km and about 4 hours up to Gros Morne national park. Such a good day! Very twisty road with a fairly high speed limit of 70 km/h and hardly anyone around this time of year. I must have went half an hour without passing any other vehicles at one point. Here are some pictures:

My first stop in Woody Point. Very nice little town that is a tourist attraction in the summer because of a popular boat tour that is offered. The waterfront area is very neat and tidy with lots of well kept, brightly colored old buildings like this one.

Next I headed up into the Tablelands which are the reason Gros Morne is a national park. The rock there is a part of the earths mantle that has been thrust to the surface. This is a nice lookout spot along the way:

The same spot you can see the tablelands from this angle:

Here is the lookout point just before you enter the Tablelands. After I pulled out of here I went down a big hill and the temperature must have dropped 10 degrees:

And here is the point where I turned around and headed back because the crosswinds in here just about picked me up and carried me away. This is looking back on the direction I had just come from:

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Some majestic landscapes there. Thanks for stopping to take photos to share.
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