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I agree with everything you said Sendler. Tonight I was riding home and this "older gentlemen" pulls into my lane, too close, from his turning lane. I was doing the speed limit and anticipated him pulling into my lane. What I didn't anticipate was he hit his brakes!! I still had enough distance to slow down and go around him. Yes, I gave the finger as I went around him. That driver should haven't a license. It's bad enough pulling out in front of a bike, but then hitting his brakes?! I'm still fuming over that one.

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[longish response, for novices etc mainly..
experienced just scroll on bye :)

no filtering and responsibility,
given filtering is in accord with my states law
ie, 'slowly, between slow or stopped lanes of traffic'
what happens is you ride to the front of the pack
at lights, then take off into open free space
[motorcycle space].. until the next set of lights
where repeat that, and so on..

one rider responsibility is placing yourself
within the best position, including that open
road space after lights..
we are not limited to riding within car spaces,
especially not in the middle of then [the oil line]
and should position ourselves according to
ongoing changes in traffic flow and upcoming
changes or potential hazards [turns, crossings,
busstops, schools, lines of shops thus parks
[where they suddenly stop for a parking space
or take off into an opening, or do a quick U'y etc]..

riding thru traffic i see riders sitting behind stopped
or slow moving cars on the oil line, ie, mid vehicle,
ie, dead center of the target,, to be rear-ended..

you have the option of placement within road space..
ride as if a motorcyclist rather than a driver whose
car has only two wheels.. behind a bus etc,
drivers cant see up ahead, but we can,
by simply moving into position for a look..

using the entire potential of road space
is not being a bad road citizen [!]
we are not, riding, cars..
we do not need to sit behind them
like sheep going to the slaughter..

doesnt mean,, screaming all over the place
[attention seeking] for the sake of it..
it does mean using your common sense
and human intelligence in ongoing
assessment of your changing situation,
so as to give yourself every opportunity
to avoid the problem before it happens..

responsibility also means not forcing yourself
into situations which deprive you of opportunities
to control your motorcycle normally, such as
throwing away your potential braking distance
my speeding into it or ignoring it, esp in the wet..

your responsibility also includes enjoying riding,
any riding, as part of enjoying your precious life..
all these considerations for normal good riding
skills and controls should also be enjoyable,
as its your responsibility to avoid damage to
your body,, thus to general happiness etc..

very slow riding practice [imo] is one way
to tune your mind to the range of riding
skill/enjoyment, beyond merely slamming
the throttle open.. thus another responsibility..
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