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The 250R rides to the White Desert

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Hi All,

This is my earlier trip which I'd love to share with all 250 riders out here- sole intention being, maybe if you haven't been riding much- you might just get the itch to head out ;) So here I go.

The trip was from Mumbai to Rann of Kutch and back. The trip included visiting Dholavira- the site containing ruins of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization/ Harappan city. Later riding to the Indo-Pak border after gaining permission from the Border Security Force followed by an evening stroll at a beach with the last visit being to the great white desert at Dhordo.

The speedo sensor cable went bust right here after covering 420 kms. Thankfully the tacho was still working so I could have a rough idea of what speeds I was doing.

My overnight halt place at Dholavira. Only BSNL Network works here- thankfully I had downloaded offline maps to locate it. I reached here at 2.30 in the night- with not even a stray dog around and no network- it was offline maps to the rescue.

That's the site containing ruins- I accidentally deleted all the pics on cam that I had clicked there :(

The place where sports and other recreational events used to take place with spectators on both sides.

There's a museum with exhibits from the Indus Valley Civilization

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That's the path that leads to the Fossil Park where you find trees from million of years ago in a fossilized state.

In slumber since millions of years.....wood now turned to rock

Looks like wood...yeah it was in its age, but now all rock

The vast expanse of the Rann (salt-flat). You can walk a few 100 metres, but not much as the Border Security Force would prohibit you from done so. If it was permitted going straight from here would land you in Pakistan.

And I go in for my walk

And not able to control my excitement

My lunch after being back

The ride through the salt flats to my next destination,

Lovely and lonely stretches of road to ride through

A few locals just pulled me away to have dinner with them. Was blown away by their hospitality

Not my kind of diet...but it's extremely healthy

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An evening stroll at Mandvi Beach in Bhuj city.

Followed by scrumptious dinner

On the way towards the Indo-Pak border

A click stop at Village Khawda on the way towards the border.

Apologies for no pictures clicked from the army post till the border as its strictly prohibited. Its approx 80 kms one way and its an amazing feeling to ride through an arid landscape and mirages feeling as if you are the only human alive on earth ;) The following pic is after returning from the border...the bridge that you see in the far background is India bridge where you need to deposit your mobile phones and cameras and collect it on the return.

A casual ride up to Kala Dungar- as the board says it means Black Hills

And the views around....wasn't very clear coz of haze..

On my way to Dhordo

The landscape feels like am riding through Mars

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My overnight halt at Rann Sagar Resort- got a great discount as it was new and I was the only guest there. But a great place to be and I made good friends with the owners.

Camel and horse carts to ferry you to the Great White Desert and back

Posing time for me and my helmet

And an illusionary click from my GoPro

Salty surface

Helmet pose again

If not for that tower and settlement in the distance as points of reference, it's quite easy to get lost here. In fact in the earlier days- people used to get lost as everything looked the same in all directions.

The Rann Festival in progress

That's the owner of the resort- time to say goodbye.

And the return journey starts

And it heads towards it's conclusion

An end to a fabulous journey and my trip log. Hope you liked the pics. Will be posting another one very soon.
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Looks like you had a fantastic trip. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.
Looks like you had a fantastic trip. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.
Yes it was awesome. Thanks :)
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