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The CBR250R takes to the Himalayas again

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Hi guys,

My little trusty CBR250R completed 2,00,000 kms and it was time to take it out for a good long ride...and where better than saying hello to my favourite mountain range- the Himalayas- Spiti Valley to be more precise. The last time I took to Spiti was 5 years back- but things have changed now with most of the sections before Spiti Valley being laid with good tarmac. Anyways without much blabber- here's the pictorial journey of my trip. (Apologies for not so great quality of the images- all clicked from mobile phone)

Starting of with the map- it was Mumbai to Spiti Valley and back: total distance : 5250 kms approx.

Loaded and ready to take off

First click after the sunrise in Gujarat State

Won't waist time posting pics about my midway stops meeting friends and having food- so we head straight to the State of Himachal Pradesh and that's from where the real ride starts:

The roads constantly skirting between the mountains and the river

The Ka-Zigs, nice slidy and zigzagging ride up

The gorgeous roads that I rode thru till here

My little ride poses with the mountains- ofc lot more poses come up ahead ;)

Overnight halt at Nako Village- staying bang opposite the Nako Lake

Hiked up the hill for the view of the village and lake?

Made a monopod using rocks and got this as a self timer click ;)

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Sorry guys...not able to embed google images into this one...will fix it and post :frown2:
Looking forward to your repost.

Edit: I couldn't wait so I clicked the links. Great photos, you must have had a fantastic trip.
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That was my overnight resting place

Time to continue the journey

While the mountains kept me mersmerized

And the roads constantly going up and down

Just for reference, posting a pic from my ride in 2014 where I had clicked at the same spot. Shows how better the road is now to ride.

Break for tea and snacks before riding up to Dhankar Monastery

The climb begins...thankfully this time I have roads

The 250 soaks in the views

My eyes were dripping nectar with such views

That's Dhankar Monastery in the distance nestled between the rocky spurs and in the background lies the confluence of the Pin (Left) and Spiti (Right) rivers.

Inside the monastery

The village near Dhankar (don't remember the name)

Gorgeous views from the monastery

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Time to roll down- going back via the tarmac route would add detour distance - this one though a loose surface saves time

My dormitory stay at the Travellers Shed at Kaza- 900 bucks for two nights (approx 13 US$)

Next day site seeing begins with plans to see Langza, Komic and Hikkim villages

That's Langza village in the distance

And the statue of Lord Buddha at Langza overlooking the Himalayas

A small make shift cafe to have tea and snacks

Langza village up close

Amazing views on the way towards Komic

At Komic village (thats Komic Monastery in the background)

Lovely cafe this...amazing tea and snacks

Just for clicks

Moving towards Village Hikkim

Thats Hikkim in the distance

The claimed highest post office in the world- you can buy and send postcards from here to your family and friends (only in India)

Time to head back to Kaza

And the views bowling me over every minute

That's the famous Ki Monastery

Views from Ki Monastery

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And on the way back to Kaza

New day, new place to see- this time towards Chicham and Kibber village

Thats Chicham bridge- Asia's highest

Next stop Kibber Village for breakfast

And on the way back to Kaza

Overnight stay and next day departure for Pin Valley. Refueling at the claimed highest fuel bunk in the world

Welcome to Pin Valley

Yaks for company

Bridge near Sagnam village

Bad roads compensated by visual spectacles of the snowcaps

Just mindblowing....ofc terribly cold too

The size of those glaciers would dwarf everything in its vicinity

The best place to stay at Mudh Village in Pin Valley

As comfortable as it can get- thats the room

Window view

Just sit out and chill with the Himalayan view

Dinner time

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Well, nothing goes ahead- Mudh Village is the last village in PIN Valley- though there is a road ahead of this glacier- but its way too treacherous and mostly used by the army

Having fun in the snow

Thats Mudh village- you can max come a km ahead not more- the glacier shuts it down.

Spot my 250...and the size of the glacier in comparison

Thats the bridge 8 kms before Mudh village which you need to cross and head for the bushes where you might encounter bsnl mobile about modernisation and connectivity

I didnt have a BSNL SIM to hunt for I'm just here to chill ;)

While my newfound friend continued to walk to find mobile range

********************...thats how far we walked. Oxygen levels aren't the best here- so you tend to breathe harder. You can still spot my CBR parked on the opposite side of the river near the bridge.

Next day time to move- and the return journey starts

Not a good feeling I tell you- knowing you'd be not seeing the snowcaps again

On the way dropped into at Gue Monastery

The Mummy of Sangha Tenzin

What a picturesque backdrop for the monastery

Once upon a time- the roads used to be so bad here, I would be scared as hell to even stop here- but not anymore

The last views of the snowcaps....and the sinking feeling inside

From the savage rocky snowcaps to the lush greens of Narkanda

Bought one kg of cherry and ate half a kg right here ;)

Stopover at Taj Theog for a meetup with my friend Hanoz who was on family vacation in Shimla and was kind enough to invite me over for tea.

Hanoz busy nibbling his snack

The Western Peripheral Expressway- amazing stretch and saved me lot of time till Gurgaon

Next day from Gurgaon and its a non stop run till Mumbai

So that was it people- my recent ride to the gorgeous Spiti Valley, I miss the mountains so much and thanks for scrolling through my really long post.

will be posting more pics of my recent rides- till then take care everyone and rides safe.


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Fantastic views, thank you for sharing. Marvellous
Nice surprise to get this in email notifications.

If you guys not on bcmt forum, you should be. :smile2:
Epic rider is epic again.
Awesome pictures as always.:smile2:
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That looks like a seriously beautiful trip. I'm jealous.
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This is absolutely awesome and amazing to go through, spent about 30minutes on each picture just dreaming and imagining how it would be to be there myself.
It looks incredibly cold and refreshing!

Thank you for sharing this, ever thought of selling the pictures as a background pack for windows backgrounds?
This is absolutely awesome and amazing to go through, spent about 30minutes on each picture just dreaming and imagining how it would be to be there myself.
It looks incredibly cold and refreshing!

Thank you for sharing this, ever thought of selling the pictures as a background pack for windows backgrounds?
Wow. Beautiful photos, also the post pulsurge uploaded in August of that year.
Exmoz it's nice of you to dig into the forum and upload us the posts of that journey. It's crazy. The CBR is a road motorcycle with short and soft suspensions, riding with it on bumpy roads is almost impossible, riding with it on trails is impossible ... but there is nothing that stands in the way of desire, passion and love(y):love:
(Much more delicious and sweet to make such a journey with CBR then GS)
Oh wow, what an awesome journey, and good for you! Thank you for taking the time to upload the photos. I would always rather see the regular people's view of things. If you don't mind, what kind of tires were you running? Did you get any punctures? Did you take extra gas?
Did the cbr show any hardship at high altitude? I am envious of you well done
weird - i just realised this thread is two years old.. oh well
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weird - i just realised this thread is two years old.. oh well
Everything is fine.
Recently Mr. Exmoz commented on this post at Mar 22, 2022, so he post it up, and I responded at Apr 2, and now I respond to you(y) .... everything is fine.

The thread opener Mr. pulsurge downloaded his magnificent trips photos here (there was more than one trip), and has not returned to posting in the forum since Aug 17, 2019.
1. what kind of tires were you running? 2. Did you get any punctures? 3. Did you take extra gas? 4. Did the cbr show any hardship at high altitude?
1,2. The rule is simple, the harder the tire is the less it sticks to the road and the less nails stick to it. I use a regular road tire (quite hard so it has no tendency to get punctures).
3. For trips to far places it is customary to take another external fuel tank, when to take? Our CBR does over 300 km on a 13-Liter fuel tank, so if the distance between gas stations is greater than 300 km, or different km according to a safety factor you apply to, then accordingly you need an extra fuel.
4. The Honda's PGM-FI system makes the necessary adjustments to the fuel mixture, and engine performance varies accordingly. P.S. In difficult road conditions it is not recommended to load on the engine everything it knows to give.

The fact that the guy chose for his mission CBR250R 2011 is admirable, because CBR it is a street motorcycle that is very unsuitable for bumpy roads, and certainly can not be ridden on dirt roads, but that is exactly what the 🤴champ🤴 did(y)(y)(y)
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