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The Italians know how to design! So Nastya is on her way to get a fresh and playful look inspired by the Aprilia RS660

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Hi Tamir!
Excellent work, sincere congratulations!
You've been very good!

I don't like the CBR 250R in black colour, but I confess that as you have transformed it you are really beautiful!

Among other things, mustard yellow is almost the color of my CBR (the other is blue).

I am perplexed on three things, though.

1) I am very perplexed on the yellow saddle (number 1), for me it is a color that is easily dirty, I would not have changed the color of the saddle.

2) I'd like to have your yellow circles (number 6), they are exceptional! Who knows, however, if they resist over time. I always thought it would have been a nice blow for my motorcycle to put the orange rims of the Repsol version that surely as standard have a very robust painting, what do you say?

3) Finally, the lower tip (number 7): how much will the painting to the stony, rain, salt in winter be painted? I would be sorry that such a good job was ruined by wear!

For the future, I send you the link of an easily retouched .png (it is a white template).

Below, my loved blue-yellow CBR 250R Thunderbird version .

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1 - 1 of 17 Posts