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Underlying hardware and signaling standard is same. For example, using wire that conducts electricity. Digital TTL triggers using 0-12v pulses. Initiate communications with 70ms low, then 120ms high signal. All standardised because OBD2 uses same signals as ISO-9141-2. Since OBD2 is newer standard, it incorporates backwards hardware compatibility with earlier K-line and includes it in connector.

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Problem is app for those devices are not compatible with ECM because they use OBD2 language.
Only Honda app will talk to ECM using K-line language.

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Late update: The project failed. Our ECM does not know how to communicate with OBD2 devices.
As a consolation prize I turned the DLC to OBD2 adapter to a special HONDA TOOL:
SCS Service connector 070PZ-ZY30100
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Automotive lighting Gas Rectangle Metal Font
Wood Fashion accessory Plastic Hardwood Toy
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Toy Wood Fashion accessory Plastic Hardwood
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