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the stock CBR 250R gives high wheel torque at?

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i am wondering for quick acceleration as we need in mid traffic escaping and also after cornering on race roads

the bike gives high wheel torque at low RPM or high?

so that we maintain the RPM under clutch pulled in and on releasing the clutch would get maximum possible boost of acceleration?

also to figure out in short distance drag races.. at what RPMs should we shift gears for max speed gain over short time.

does anyone know that specific RPM or range of RPM in which the bike responds so.?? (i repeat. the STOCK CBR 250R)

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look at the dyne runs all over the web. it pulls until 8k. then it starts to fall flat.
Here's a chart like HoPMix was referring to:

Blue line is stock.

Generally, shifting about 9000 to 9500 should keep you very close to max power.The HP curve stays pretty flat from 7500 to 9500, with a slight rise at 8500.

Technically, each gear has an optimum shift point based on how many RPMs will be lost when shifting to the next higher gear (proper way to calculate here : ) and the shape of the power curve at that point - there is a formula.

Shifting at redline with the CBR (especially in higher gears) is going significantly past the power peak, and will cost you acceleration.

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Here are the horsepower and torque charts respectively for the CBR250R from's comparison review that included the Ninja 250R and the Hyosung GT250.

Here's maybe more than you want to know about "when to shift": Shift Points - Sport Rider
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