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Honda: INNOVA125i(2010); CBR250R(2013)
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Lately I bought a CBR250RD model 2013. In its last two years its maintenance has been at low level. If I need to replace a tire, or coolant, or plug, or brake pads ... etc. This is a normal situation at second hand purchase. To this post I will download a pictures of the "Original" maintenance solutions that I have already discovered... and will been find later? I work on the motorcycle, it's a hobby, without fix schedules, so I'm expected to download more photos here later, hopefully as little as possible. The photos I will intend to a attach, I will attach to the first post (here)

It will be clarified: the guy who sold me the motorcycle is really nice and fair person, the deal was closed on a price that reflects the condition of the motorcycle and I have no complaints in this issue. Good deal.

Picture number 1 & 2 : The OEM screw fell and got lost, this is how the alternative screw looks like.


Picture number 3 : Instead of the OEM battery (YTX7L-BS), height 131 mm, I found a battery in a different height measure (YTZ7-S), height 105 mm. And instead of the OEM clip (BAND) Part Number 80102-KYJ-900, the battery was tied by Zip Tie.

FOR Picture number 4 to 13 : The seller told me that the motorcycle fell on its side, as a result the fuel tank tin's was damaged, and that the defect was repaired. The fuel tank looks great, and if he hadn’t said "It damaged", I wouldn’t have notice. Yesterday I disassembled all the plastics covers and saw what was going on inside. I do not think the damaged fuel tank was repaired, I think it was completely replaced with another one. In my opinion it is a second-hand orange fuel tank of the Repsol model, re-painted origin black + New Honda stickers. Whoever he was, he did a very good and professional painting job. But that guy probably doesn't understand motorcycle mechanics, and doesn't understand mechanics at all.
In pictures 4 to 13 you will see in what bad assembly condition I found my fuel tank and all related accessories that connected to it. I did not touch, In the pictures you will see how I got the motorcycle from the seller.
# Missing screws.
# Missing rubbers.
# Disconnected pipes.
# The all fuel pump is assembled at the wrong angle.
# The fuel filter is disconnected from the bracket .
Picture number 4 [REF]:

Picture number 5 [A]:

Picture number 6 [B]:

Picture number 7 [C]:

Picture number 8 [D]:

Picture number 9 [E]]:

Picture number 10:

Honda: INNOVA125i(2010); CBR250R(2013)
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Picture number 11:

Picture number 12 (at NO EVAP CANISTER models):

Picture number 13 (at NO EVAP CANISTER models):

Picture number 14 (at NO EVAP CANISTER models) : Someone thought the rubber at the bottom of the air box was unnecessary and could be crushed. Well, it's really necessary! Of course I'll move the wires to their proper place(About 3cm forward) and replace this important rubber.

The Chain Slider P.N 52170-KYJ-900 needs to be replaced as its thickness drops below the checkpoint (see diagram from Honda Manual page 66).

My slider has not been replaced, although it should have been replaced, and I have no claim about that. But the chain was replaced, and even for an upgraded type (X ring) ...

Picture number 15: ..."the missing" slider rubber parts:

When I took off the chain cover, I found there "the missing" slider rubber parts.
Vid number 1:

Picture number 16 (The Missing Parts):

Picture number 17: Even a New Upgraded chain 520 VT2 can not be installed properly?

Picture number 18: The IKEA screwdriver was discovered under the air box.

Honda: INNOVA125i(2010); CBR250R(2013)
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Picture number 19: The tire manufacturer's guideline for tire assembly is to align the dot(Red) with the valve...

Picture number 20: This is how it is when you opening and closing motorcecle nuts with adjustable water pump plier (Japka) OR adjustable Locking Pliers (Plier patent). I had to sand the corner so I could insert a 14mm wrench into the left nut.

Picture number 21: According to the Honda instructions, the spark plug must be replaced after 51,200 kilometers at the latest ... but in the motorcycle I bought it was not replaced! In the attached picture, this is how my spark plug look after 66,000Km ... and surprisingly it was working good , but of course I replaced it with a new one.

Vid number 2: It's not that throttle freeplay was not adjusted, it was adjusted incorrectly!

The previous owner saw this post(Like it), and in response sent me the photos I am sharing with you now (The nice guy gave me permission to post them here). The motorcycle fell due to a "tiny swallowing" in the building's parking lot (the earth opened its mouth), and the fuel tank got stuck in a concrete pillar of the building. Ouchhhh...



26-06-2021 The LAST epizoda
following with the topic of the fuel tank, look at the pictures below, that's how you NOT connect the security rubbers to the fuel pipe connector.
Picture number 22:

Picture number 23:

Picture number 24:

And also, it turns out that the fuel tank was repaired, and not replaced.
Picture number 25:

That's all folks

Honda: INNOVA125i(2010); CBR250R(2013)
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That thing just can't catch a break...
NOW is the end. Everything mentioned in the list above has been fixed. On the way I also came to grease the weights (the original slider that is integrated in the handlebars).

Picture number 26: Once again our smart mechanic has found an original way to save expenses for his client. As a result of side falling the Weight-Body slightly bent over, causing the Weight-Slaider to rotate non-centrally. The mechanic removed the Weight-Slaider from its D connection, and tightened it back in place to eliminate the non-centrality.

A mechanic who solves problems in this way is a master of fracture maintenance. For this he deserves all my admiration and glory.
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