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Three Dangling Hoses at bottom of CBR250R

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I just bought my CBR250R and I love it! I was riding around today when I thought I heard a noise. I stopped and looked at the bike. While I was looking it over I noticed there were these 3 black hoses dangling from the bottom of my bike. I haven't noticed this before and I think it might be an issue (I'm a noob). Does anyone know what went wrong here?


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Sorry, looks like my finger got in the way a bit but you can still see the problem. Its by the kick stand.
probably your crankcase breather and such. have a look in your manual and it'll have a diagram of what should and shouldnt be there
crankcase breather..gas overflow..i forget what the 3rd is...panamera is ur user manual under the tells you what they are
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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