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Last year I bought a Vista-Cruise throttle stop. I was not able to install it because it is supposed to fit between the grip and the switch housing. I have aftermarket Heli-Bars on my bike, so that might be the reason there was not enough clearance for the Vista-Cruise to be installed.


Vista-Cruise installation location

Vista-Cruise clearance problem

So this year I discovered a different kind of throttle stop that uses a silicone rubber ring that fits over the grip. The throttle stop rides along the surface of this ring. The tension is adjustable to get just the right amount of friction to hold the throttle but still allow you to rotate it closed.

Go Cruise "2" package card

Go Cruise device (I forgot to photograph the silicone rubber ring, but it is visible installed on the grip in the previous Vista-Cruise photos)

Go Cruise installed in the throttle closed position

Go Cruise rotates as the throttle is opened

Go Cruise pushed into stop position to hold throttle open (use thumb or index finger)

Go Cruise back in throttle closed position. I decided I could re-install my Throttle Rocker and continue to use it when I don't want to engage the Go Cruise.

I have not ridden with the Go Cruise yet (snow still on the ground) but from playing with it in the garage I can tell I am going to like it. It is really a well-made product and works as advertised.
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