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Thought I would share how I tinted my windshield on the bike.
Things you will need:
VHT nightshade translucent spray tint
Krylon clear coat
1000 grit wet/dry sand paper
Painters tape
News paper
Polishing compound
Rubbing alcohol
Microfibre cloth
Paper towel
Goo gone

All this stuff I had around the garage from tinting headlights and tail lights on previous machines or cars...

First thing to do is clean your windshield. I used goo gone because there was a small piece of tape on it and it removed the bugs really easily. I then cleaned off any residue of goo gone with a small amount of water and then proceeded to tape off around the windshield and anything around it to prevent over spray.

Now scuff up the windshield with the 1000 grit wet sand paper into a haze. Clean really well with rubbing alcohol to ensure there is no dust left over on the windshield. Once dry you must shake the can of VHT night shade for 1 minute after the ball starts to rattle. Spray the windshield with a very very light mist. You do not want to coat it on heavy or it will shift while drying and create cracks. Wait 10-20 minutes between coats to ensure it is dry and will no crack. If it cracks you have to sand it all back off and start over (such a pain). After reaching desired darkness wet sand again with 1000 grit wet sand paper so the clear coat will stick. Again clean really well with rubbing alcohol. Now you can spray clear coat with a light misting. I spray 6 or 7 light coats of clear in different directions to ensure I coated everything. Once the clear drys used clean 1000 grit wet sand paper again to sand it completely smooth and get rid of any “orange peel” effect if there is any. Again clean with rubbing alcohol, remove the tape and use a polishing compound on the windshield. Polish in small circles until the polish turns into a haze or drys. Use a clean micro fibre to finish wiping/ polishing that haze off.

Now you can sit back and enjoy the results. For mine I used a satin clear but use whatever you wish.


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