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Tips for preventing theft?

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Hey guys, I have been reading this forum for a couple weeks now as I considered my purchase of the Cbr250r, well I just got it yesterday and very excited! This is my first bike so I am still learning...

Anyhow, I live in an apartment complex (not the best one either) and my apartment is on the backside of the building not facing the parking lot. I bought a cover and ordered a Xena disc lock and I have the ignition set to lock. Can you guys recommend anything else I can do? I have been going outside every couple hours to make sure it's there when I'm home but I have to go to work at some point, LOL.
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For home where you can just run out real quick. Talk to biohazard about an alarm. The remote will go off if anyone gets near it. There is nothing you can buy that will stop 3 guys and a truck from taking your bike. Unless you wanna chain a attack dog to it all day.
and welcome to the forum!
The main thing is to lock up the bike with a wheel or disk lock. I had a CBR600 and was stolen by someone who jumped on it after I just parked it in front of my apartment - I was about than 30 feet away. I heard it start, ran out my door to see it go away. The ignition lock is totally useless a thief can start the bike up as fast as you can with a key.
2 guys, 10 seconds your bike is gone. The steering lock can be broken instantly. Disc lock keeps away the joy rider (maybe, chances are you'll find your bike on its side).

Audible alarm, just like above. Nobody calls the cops anymore when they hear a vehicle alarm.

My advice, keep it in a well lit area, preferably in view of passers-by and CHAIN IT DOWN to something. I've got a boat tie down in cast concrete that works well.

Course, chaining my piece of **** bbq down didn't stop somebody from taking that.
What floor are you on? If you are on the first you could keep it inside. Laugh all you want but have seen people do it before.
Palmer, I had planned on that actually, but the front door to my apartment is set back behind the staircase that leads up to the second floor apartments, not enough clearance to get it through, trust me, I tried, LOL!

I bought a bike chain but there's nothing in the parking lot to chain it to so that will mostly be used when I am out and about.
CHAIN IT DOWN to something. .
Yep, wheel locks and fork locks can quickly be compromised by muscle or skill. Hauling off something chained down with a hardened chain or cable will take some time.

No anchor in the area? Look for something like this:
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fork lock and disk lock is all i have too....most important thing is to make sure theft is covered by your insurance...if it ever happens
Thanks guys, appreciate the help!
Park next to a nicer bike.

Have a better lock than it.
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Park next to a nicer bike.

Have a better lock than it.

I am fortunate to have a garage (have to pay $75 extra per month for it, but WORTH IT).

When I drive to work I pull it inside the theatre loading dock. Especially since I have had two students say "I'm going to tip your bike."



Gorilla paging alarm?

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Especially since I have had two students say "I'm going to tip your bike."
Jeepers. What country is that?

I'm in Thailand and my friend is a teacher in a government school, he comes out somedays and some of the Thai girls have gone to the trouble of placing petals and flowers in a bouquet along his tank/dash.
So maybe put a floral bouquet along it when you park it. People will be so busy laughing they won't be able to steal it.
Jeepers. What country is that?
None other than the land of entitlement and instant gratification, the USA.

But anyway....anyone have experience with the Lojack system or the Gorilla alarms?
I am installing the basic gorilla alarm tomorrow and will report back with my thoughts.

I am pretty knowledgeable coming from the custom car audio side, I have Clifford and Viper on my cars.

I only want an alarm on my CBR for days when I am able to ride to/from work and can't keep an eye on it.

The basic Gorilla alarm only connects to the battery, no other wires. It has a remote fob. Shock sensor, tilt sensor, and electrical voltage sensor. It has an LED light.

It has warn away before full trigger.

Just a basic alarm, I would still use a lock with it. I just want it for basic protection.

Can usually find these on sale for ~$55. Can be upgraded with the pager kit as well if you decide afterwards that you wanted paging.
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Also note that Guard Dawg has a new RFID alarm that they confirmed can be installed on a CBR with only cutting into one wire, probably for ignition. It sells for $170 I think. Similar to the factory HD alarms in the way it works.
I am installing the basic gorilla alarm tomorrow and will report back with my thoughts.
I've gone through two Gorilla alarms. The first just died, the second, is sitting on a shelf in my shed. I should install it on the CBR.

The problem I had with them was the key fob. I found I was constantly setting the alarm accidentally. It's a real pain in the ass getting on your bike and having the alarm go off. The more embarrassing bit is that you have to get off the bike to shut it off. At least on my last install.

The other problem was wind. I know you can set the sensitivity of the motion detector, but it seemed no matter how I set it, a strong windstorm would set it off - ALL DAY. My neighbours LOVED that.

I'm not slamming the Gorilla, just my experiences with it. BTW, tell your insurance company that you've installed the alarm. Most give an insurance break.
Installed the Gorilla 8007 alarm this morning, very easy, only had to remove the seats, and fairing to run the LED light wire up front. I removed the rubber strap that is under the seat. I carry everything I need in the tank bag now.

It is loud enough to get attention (my only real expectation) and is easy to adjust the sensor to match the lean angle of the CBR on its kickstand.

I'll keep posting how it does long term. For $55, I just want it for times when I can not keep an eye on the bike; and for the tilt sensor that will sound the alarm as soon as the bike is lifted up off its kickstand.

It does also have a shock sensor and is voltage sensing if there is an attempt to hotwire the bike. It does not offer ignition kill.

For what it costs, it seems to be ready to keep strangers off your bike. As I said before, I would still combine it with a disc lock.

My CBR is not a commuter or daily driver, so I would keep that in mind, if yours is, then maybe a more expensive elaborate alarm may be in order.

Here are a few pics. It fits under the seat no problem. I used the supplied velcro to hold it down but it does come with a metal bracket. I put the tilt sensor on the wall where the rear seat attaches. It has to be vertical and pointed towards the left. It is a mercury tilt switch that closes with anything more than a 30 degree angle when the bike is lifted upright off the kickstand.

Still need to ziptie the wires, The black wires going out the rear of the bike is my battery tender lead, nothing to do with the alarm.


Tilt sensor on the rear 'wall': (Red Arrow)

LED light up front:
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