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Copied over from reply in the Poll

Ha HA this is hilarious. Thank you Redline you have made my day.

On a serious note Honda of Thailand should be finished with their run producing 2011 CBR250R's and moving on to the 2012's. The Thailand plant was estimated to have produced 60,000 of these units in 2011 for worldwide distribution.

...and you have started a poll and got around 15 positves and one from Thailand. Well it's conclusive, this bike is junk. :rolleyes:

Forgive me my sarcasim but some one needs to start putting things in perspective. If my bike developes this noise I would be let down too... but when we are in this price range you have to admit this can almost be looked at as a disposable bike. Don't misunderstand, I love my bike, so much so I will probably keep it after I buy a second one to get the ABS if my dealer can ever get it. After all, we all have a 2nd pair of gloves and such in case they get drenched in the rain... why not another bike in case something happens to the first? :D
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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