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Today's 133 mile (200 km) ride south and east of Seattle

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Today I rode the CBR250R on the longest ride so far.
133 miles or 200km.
I made four stops for food/drink which I brought with and some photos.
The tank showed 83mpg, the same the CBR has gotten since new.
It now has 900 miles.
Most of the roads were 35-45 mph with the highways 55 to 60 mph.

I used to do this general route with my Moto Guzzi’s, Buell’s, and Electra-Hog.
The only thing different is that the Honda is more fun.
It's lighter weight makes the difference.

Earplugs really help smooth out the motor.
Seriously, they eliminate most all the wind noise and really reduce fatigue.

Tucking in during the highway riding sees an instant 5 mph increase. :)

The only place I wished for more power was going up Tiger Mountain.
But the CBR250R kept at the 55 mph limit okay.
The seat is getting better as I get used to it (or it to me). I don’t think I need a Corbin type improvement.

It was a fun and mostly relaxing ride.
The temps were in the 70's, so I could comfortably wear ATGATT.

The general route was (interesting if you live in western Washington state):
Departure 11:10AM
South from Seattle towards Puyallup on the West Valley Highway
East on Hwy 18, zoom.
Green Valley Road south and eastward
Green River Gorge road to Cumberland

North past Ravensdale and Hobart.
East on Hwy 18 over Tiger Mountain (1377 ft)
East past Snoqualmie
North to the Snoqualmie Falls.

Notice how the helmet gets locked securely.

North to Hwy 203 and north past Carnation
Stillwater road past the Camlann Faire (Medieval Village)

North and west to Duvall
North on Hwy 203 and west to the N Snoqualmie Valley Road

Look closely at the left bar-end to see the scuff from this morning's "oops".

South on Broadway to Maltby
West to Larch Way
South into Kenmore and south to Seattle
Fill up with 90 octane non-ethanol (the only fuel my bike has known)
Home at 3:30PM.

A good day of cycle therapy.
The good wife said she wants a ride tonight.
It took me a while to understand. :p
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Just waiting for the ants,to get in your helment!......
Thanks for sharing, great pics.
Just waiting for the ants,to get in your helment!......
Ants, ANTS, ANTS??? Yikes! :eek:

Thanks for the tip, maybe I'll try the seat.
How is the service dept at Lake City Powersports. Pretty good rep?
now everyone is going to move to the NW good job!
How is the service dept at Lake City Powersports. Pretty good rep?
Yes, all has been great at LCPS. Owner Tom is great and the service guys have been very helpful. I have no complaints.
now everyone is going to move to the NW. good job!

We've got a few more good weather weeks and then weekend rides will be more about dodging raindrops.
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