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Trans-Sierra ride report

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Rode 1,065 miles between Friday and yesterday, from the San Francisco Bay Area up over highway 50 and out to Benton, CA. Most of the ride was at elevations in excess of 6k ft. The bike did ok, but really struggles against any sort of headwind at high elevations due to the minimal torque at sea level being even more minimal at 6k ft.

Fuel economy to Benton was 68, mostly riding at or below the speed limit. Best tank was from Topaz, NV to Fairfield, CA at 80 mpg. Overall mileage was right about what the bike always seems to get...73.

The bike is happiest running between 61 mph and maybe 68, which is pretty useful for actually getting places. The loss of torque due to elevation is really a problem with the bike needing a lot of downshifting when facing headwinds. Not much fun. The bike was actually pretty comfortable as a long distance mount.

Overall, I was impressed, but there were many times in the middle of Nevada when riding something with a whole lot more torque seemed like a great idea, but the 73 mpg average and the generally pleasantness of the CBR made it ok.

The thing feels like an absolute torque monster back at sea level!

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