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You are invited to ride along or compete in the 2019 Triple Nickel Fuel Economy Challenge. If you plan on competing your moto must be able to local 4 large paper grocery sacks within 1 minute. For more info and current rules for Challenge competitors :

Alan talked to Craig Vetter. We should be able to have a video call with him on Friday night.

Riders Meeting, Time and Place TBD

9:00AM The Walk Cafe in South Zanesville, breakfast.
Ride Departure time will be approximately 10:00.

Proposed route: but the actual route will be confirmed the day before the event by Ben. Ben and Kraig are planning to arrive in the area Thursday evening to allow for scouting out the route during the day Friday.
It would start and end in Zanesville (riding route clockwise), and is 143 miles in two or three legs with a lunch stop in Marietta, and a possible stop in Chesterhill.

Alan and I are all loaded up and ready heading out tomorrow. We hope to see you on Friday. Send me a PM if you plan to ride.
all the best , Vic
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