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Tweaked ninja 250 dyno run

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Heres a dyno posted at by the former maxton mile record holder for the 250cc class. stock bore JE pistons at 12.5 to 1. The bike is set up for a 20hp shot of nitrous. and everything is tweaked. Heres your target with 250cc's (left pic)

heres a dyno of an e-superstock bike with and without nitrous shot into the airbox during a pull. (right side)

so whos gona run the gas to a cbr??


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Competing with a figure of 38 or 43?

I'll post a year from now. Let's see how it goes :)

There is much to be exploited before I give up.
here we are a year later......bump:D
Sad that it takes massive mods and a 20 shot nitrous to get into the ball park of a REAL cbr250....
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