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Yes, CBR650F looks very nice and on paper I should love it. A dealer near me had it on special a couple of weeks ago ~$5800 so all the boxes checked...and then...I got on it and it felt very underwhelming, so I kinda agree with Xtine on that one. It felt very much like the bike I already have.
I'm now considering the 600RR instead with may be after market clip-ons to improve the ergonomics.
Other that feeling alone my main concern is the 650F's suspension, which is the exact issue* I have with the 250R
As far as country of origin is concerned - I don't think that matters much to me.

Kawasaki's line up is rather good as well, but one thing I've noticed, and this might be a matter of personal preference, is ergonomics. This is true for both the ZX-6R and the 300 Ninja's I've been on. They simply don't fit my legs/knees right. So for that reason I don't even look at them anymore.

I've discounted the BMW F800GT now. From what I've read on multiple forums, a lot of their owners aren't very happy. Both the upkeep costs as well as an overheating issue with the exhaust in traffic. This is a no no for someone in Southern California like myself.

*no really issue as such, more like the bike's most glaring weakness
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