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havnt met a single person who regrets quitting smoking..

or anyone who has quit regretting the $7,000
tax free xmas bonus after one year smoke free..

after 26yrs at $20 pack/day thats $142,000
[without interest] not, to regret saving..

after i quit i started a new bank account and had
the amount i spent on tobacco taken out of my pay
and put into that account.. when finished with the navy
i had enough to buy my first house in the mountains
[blue mts nsw] where i raised a family..

in that sense, quitting has resulted in never
paying rent in my life.. not to mention
the 40 years @ $7,000 [or equivalent]

many folk have stated that quitting
was 'the best thing they ever did'
which must be some sort of
high water mark and indication
of just what nicotine addiction
via tobacco smoke, really, is..

anyway, well done and best wishes to
and for everyone who has come to
their senses and quit smoking,
for whatever reason, and however
that is accomplished..

regardless of method used, or just stopping,
it is, and will be, very well worth it..
the only thing people actually regret is
like damian, not having quit sooner...

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Never smoked a single one in my life, and never felt the desire to find out what the obsession was about.

I can smell the sh*t 10 cars in front of me with the windows up in traffic.

And it seems vapers around here just like to blow it in your face and make the biggest, most obnoxious cloud they can.

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[long response, still only a glimpse into nicotine..
intended for potential quitters..]

smokers toss butts away.. anywhere and everywhere..
they get into the sewers thus oceans thus guts of turtles
and other marine animals.. thus killing them..
over 6 trillion cigarettes were smoked in one year [2012 bbc]
there being over a billion smokers worldwide..
obviously,, many, marine animals will die..

costs to everyone thru health systems from smoking related
diseases and deaths is difficult to imagine.. aside from suffering
incl to individuals, families, extending into communities
and causing a massive cost to business, everyone is paying
thru taxes and disruptions to national health systems..

thats just a glimpse of some real effects of this global narcotic
addiction epidemic.. despite gradual decreases in smoking in
advanced societies, other countries are increasing, smoking uptake,
such as china and russia, with their massive populations..
thus it is an epidemic, with real consequences..

seems obvious then that any, potential for decreasing intake
of carcinogenic toxic tobacco smoke must be worthwhile..

thus these alternate nicotine delivery devices are 'good'
as an alternative to,, breathing in tobacco smoke
all day every day - based on narcotic addiction..

here tho, in a small group of individuals
on a global scale,, the question may extend to
negative personal effects of any, nicotine addiction..

your human brain develops specific neuronal pathways
between nicotine receptors on the base of your brain
and 'decisionmaking areas', or parts of your mind/personality
that put things into perspective for us, including rationalising
behaviours for us.. as nicotine depletes, receptors signal
to other parts of our brains to 'get more' [nicotine]
which will be rationalised for us as a feeling
such as 'hhhm, i feel like a smoke'...

as if its some genuine feeling from our minds..
[its genuine, in the sense that information from spies
implanted in other countries systems, is genuine..
ie, people are deceived into accepting it as real]

an outspoken smokers rights activist/long term smoker
had to quit [disease], and when asked why he smokes
after having quit [14days +] he opened his mouth,
and nothing came out..

point being, his well rehearsed often quoted reasons
for smoking, being a 'smoker', as part of his identity,
disappeared when nicotine was depleted in his brain..
[which takes around 14 days]

this is what got me as a 20 something yr old full of himself
the realisation that i, was having myself on, about doing
this unnatural stinking dangerous behaviour...
it was like being hit in the face with a shovel..
all the excuses i had, enjoy a smoke with a brew,
or a beer, or after a meal, or after sex [etc]
were just phony rationalisations for what was
nicotine depletion effects after half an hour...

after quitting, there was zero damage to my social life..
what i thought was being like an adult, at 12,
was just being like all the other fools..

things like rugby which i played at the time
improved.. for zero cost in effort or anything,
my lung capacity and stamina, heart rate
and so on, all improved, making something
i did really enjoy, so much easier and better..

not only did it cost me nothing, but i saved
heaps of money starting from day one..

nicotine addicts entering the heart attack range
which is 'middle age' but also lowering,,
should think seriously about quitting smoking
and quitting any other nicotine ingestion..

anyone capable of riding a motorcycle
which is simply not for everyone,
is capable of going two weeks without
breathing in tobacco smoke or other nicotine..

once out of your system, there is only nicotine
deposited in fatty tissues [without effects]
but, which is released in about three monthly
cycles in response to stress, any stress,
and which then attaches to brain receptors,
is depleted, and calls for 'more nicotine'..

this is the downfall of many quitters..
esp women it appears.. after a fight with
boyfriend etc, they call a friend who helps
by offering a cigarette,, to calm their nerves etc..
'just one wont hurt you'...

anyway, knowing there will be this nicotine release
from fatty tissues in a cycle of three [until depleted],
you can be prepared for any stress, traffic, work etc,
and the feeling of taking more nicotine..

these responses together with individual personality etc
are what people call 'withdrawal symptoms'..
i cant remember any, withdrawal symptoms,
but even for 'weak' individuals its still only
a couple of weeks before nicotine depletion..

a couple of weeks of having to do - nothing..
some ensure plenty of fluids and perhaps take
panadene or similar headache remedies..
which can have a real placebo effect..

remember, not so long ago in our history
nobody,, smoked tobacco..
it is an artificial overlay on us and societies..
introduced before it was understood about
carcinogens [cancer causing agents]
or narcotic addiction to nicotine..

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Well....native Americans smoked pipes with tobacco quite a bit for several thousand years. But usually only for ceremonious purposes, and even then, it was more for cleansing and prayer, not for enjoyment. They also commonly smoked herbs (not cannibus), barks, sages, etc.

We can thank the addictions as a result of tobacco farming and commercialization by Europeans, and then its explosion in the American colonies as a cash crop. At the time it was more a mark of status and usually only commonly used by the European wealthy; mass production changed all that. :)

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well of course native americans used [wild] tobacco..
observation on 'our' history, means the history of
europeans and as expanded globally..

this is to place in context,, what is an unnatural
thing to do,, roll up dried/chopped up leaves
in paper, put one end in your mouth, light the other end,
then inhale the smoke therefrom into your lungs,
regularly thru the day, every day..

people today are influenced by the examples and
behaviours of their parents and other adults,
teachers, movie actors and various peer groups..
which for many today includes smoking cigarettes..

this is how an apparently normal tradition of smoking
was spread thru societies, by direct observations
of role models.. how we learn language
and other basic behaviours and attitudes etc..

for anyone addicted to nicotine, these things
can make smoking seem normal thus good..
pointing out that smoking among populations
at addict level is fairly new, and foreign
to almost all cultures and societies,
is to place it in context for those
under the influences of addiction..

we have human brains and minds
to guide us [along with lessons from life]
when in this situation of nicotine addiction
lessons from life have been manipulated
to seem something they are not,,
and - our brains, what is part of us,
and how we thing and understand,,
has also been actually changed,,
by nicotine addiction at the level
of our own neurology..

ie, you the addict cant rely on
your own apparently normal
thoughts and decisionmaking..

this, the realisation of it, was what sent
a cold shiver down my spine, and resulted in
on the spot quitting of this filthy
brain altering narcotic drug
of addiction...

for context note how many want to quit,
or think about quitting, and how many do quit,,
and how many of them see that as one of
the best things they have done in life..

quitting itself, can be like sitting on a motorcycle
regularly thruout the day, for days, weeks, months,,
before simply starting it up and riding away..
the analogy for simply stopping putting
nicotine delivery systems into your mouth..

then continuing on into your future life,
which begins at this moment..

millions of normal people have quit smoking..
all,, sorts of people,, sharing the one common
addiction to the same drug..
i did it.. and it was easy..
the hardest part was recognising that i,
was lying to myself,, about smoking..

for some its the many thousands of $ burned up
every year, or stinking like an ashtray,
or with todays health information etc,
realisation, of just what they are doing
to themselves..

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[comments on bbc horizon program on vaping,
or just go to the link below and download it :)

just watched a bbc horizon doco on e-cigarettes..
season55 episode 10 'e-cigarettes, miracle or menace'
excellent typical bbc horizon level investigation,
incl the journo taking part in a month long trial
with relevant experts testing their physiology etc..

i downloaded it from kickasstorrents to keep the video
but its probably up on youtube and bbc sites etc..

recommend anyone at all interested in vaping or quitting etc,
check out this unbiassed genuine attempt to clear away
the various old wives tales and other self deceptions etc
floating around on this subject..

basically,, the go is to use vaping as another form of nrp
albeit more closely associated with the actual smoking habit,
thus with some potential helpful effects for quitters..
ie, it is not, recommended for non-smokers..

heaps of good information, too much for here
even for my keyboard,, but a couple of things
that stick in the mind, eg,
an average smokers lifespan will be shortened
by 11 minutes, for every cigarette..
[what can you do in 11 minutes...]

ie, 11 x 20 every, day, or over 3 hours cost in
actual lifetime reduction - for every days smoking..
the addict brain can rationalise - anything,
but, for those thinking of quitting, these facts
of life or reduction of, life, may be helpful..

best overall medical/physiological effects/results
were from the cold turkey group, after their month
smoke free.. not surprisingly..

but the vapers along with conventional nrt users
achieved 7 out of 8 successful quitters both groups..
i worked with adult retarded folk for a while,
pre-workshop, socialisation skills and so on,
including for a few, quitting smoking..

while some of those quitters failed,
even retarded folk - can quit -
puts all the excuses [self deception] in context..

anyway, the good news relative to this thread
is the success quitters had using vaping for
their nicotine source..

even tho there are various negativities with nicotine
aside from the obvious, narcotic drug addiction,
on the whole, quitting inhaling tobacco smoke
is the name of the game..

for the juice,, while some flavours are being used
in foods and cosmetics, there are different effects
when inhaled, at high levels and regularly..
menthol for example which the journo chose
turns out to be not as safe as other flavours..
[worth checking by vapers, rather than just
choosing a chemical mix based on the name
even when its a familiar name and flavour]

anyway, theres a lot of well organised research
in this bbc horizon doco on vaping..
not all negative and some positives,
amd well worth checking out.. horizon s55e10/

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there are no 'anti nicotine' campaigns or zones..

there are anti - smoking - campaigns, zones,
areas and anti-pollution legislation etc..

the main and overriding thing here
is to stop inhaling this dangerous
and deadly smoke..

before 'cigarettes' which came from workers
at cigar factories using scrap tobacco rolled in
paper, there were cigars, using different forms
of the plant, which allow nicotine ingestion
thru mucous membranes [in mouth and nose]
ie, without, needing to inhale it into the lungs..

before cigars there were pipes, including
as mentioned native american 'peace pipes'..
which would not have been used anything like
todays 20 - 25 sticks of tobacco cigar-ettes..

['cigarette' = 'small cigar' so named by workers
in french cigar factories before,, marlboro
and so on existed]

tobacco companies add, nicotine to cigarettes,
which use different high nicotine level
tobacco plants bred for cigarettes,
calling that 'quality control'...

ie, the drug is packaged in about one 24hrs dose
at addict level, about one stick every 40mins
of every waking hour..
it is designed, and specially created, to the detail,
as a narcotic drug delivery system..
the idea being to create and maintain addicts..
- including, and especially, new smokers -

tobacco companies have bought out vaping
production groups.. they have seen first hand
the writing on the wall..

tobacco companies even now, whatever pr bs
they use, intend to add this form of nicotine
to, smoking tobacco.. they want new addicts,
and existing addicts, using both their forms
of nicotine, smoke and vapor..

yet, still, regardless,, for addicts to smoking
tobacco via cigarettes,, this is or can be
at least a way of taking this drug
while avoiding the main and highly
dangerous and life threatening
human carcinogenic tobacco smoke..

from native peoples 'peace pipes'
to electronic vapor borne nicotine..
who would have thought...

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fact; usfda is very soon to incorporate vaping
into existing tobacco control mechanisms..
this [alone] will influence legislators
in advanced societies..
ie, expect similar restrictions on nicotine vapor
as for existing indoor pollution restrictions..

the tobacco industry has been buying up
and taking over the vapor sourced nicotine..
you simply cant believe anything they say..

basic realities about nicotine incl via vapor;
E-cigarettes and Lung Health | American Lung Association

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I vaped for half a year then tried to stop smoking. Haven't been smoking for 2 years now. My favorite ejuice flavors were fruit loops and strawberry blast.

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My brother also switched to vape but health experts still insist that it is unsafe also. His favorite juice is the cheesecake.

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I have read some articles about using vape will still harm you in the long run. Not sure how valid it is, but for me, you're still inhaling smoke when you use vape and for me, I'd still pass using vape as I quit smoking years ago.
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