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I highly doubt they stop by Japan, unless they are also making a delivery there first.

As for the delay people have already stated it's because production isn't up to the orders yet.
I stopped by my dealer today and he said he didn't know where the bikes will arrive. He said I have the first reserved for black and another guy just reserved the red on today. He said he is expecting 2, one of each color....which is a little different from when I put my deposit down and they made it sound like they were getting several.
I would imagine that being behind in production they (Honda's decision makers) are delivering more bikes to higher volume areas first, then one of two to smaller markets. I don't know what our market is, although I have some faith since our city has the only Mini dealership to provide for at least 2-3 other states around ours. Of course it could also mean the regional market is so small....
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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