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Vinyl wrapping - $#%&!!!!!

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So I've been looking for a solution to my seatcowl getting scuffed up from bags that I wear, and after all types of paints, clearcoats and even plasti-dip(yes it does just peel off), I decided to vinyl wrap it. I check out the how-to and instructional video's and man it looks so easy, and finished product looks great! So I go ahead and order some 3M Dinoc Carbon Fiber print vinyl wrap... just enough for 2 takes, in case I screw something up. After all it's my 1st experience with it.

Not for nothin... this SH!T is HARD! And I'm pretty competent and handy with all types of tools and crafts.... Mild curves, no prob. This curvy bubble of a cowl - *insert expletive here*!

All in all, I got it wrapped, but there's flaws, and I want to give it another go. I think my biggest problem was that I didnt have the cowl secured down, so it made it much more difficult to handle. There's no seams or bubbles, but you can tell where I had to stretch and re-stretch to get everything smooth... just doesn't have that solid look and feel to it for me.

Onto the pics...

It started out looking great! some minor wavyness starting to show due to the lifting and repositioning... it was downhill from here....

From my ride this am:

If anyone has good experience with it or tips, tricks, or even cheat-codes, please lend a brotha some advice!

Thanks! :D
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The vinyl wrap can withstand the heat of the muffler? I might have to give this stuff a shot that looks pretty clean, bet you can buy all kinds of vinyl too colors and patterns. Your bike looks clean man nice!
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