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I installed the Vortex clip-ons this past weekend.

They fit the CBR250R, but just barely. They are definitely as low as any clip-on could go with stock bodywork. The clutch side has no interference, but is literally only millimeters away from scraping the plastics and hitting the tank. The throttle side has one cable that rubs the fairing very slightly - but only when at full lock. That being the case, I can't be more pleased with how they turned out. Based on what I had read, I was expecting issues and expecting to modify some things to make them fit - but they fit just fine in my opinion (with some very careful tweaks when tightening down the bolts and finding the right angles).

The install took me about 2.5 hours. That includes going in/out the house to find tools, not working too fast - and a lot of time fine tuning the angles of everything to get a good fit.

One tip for anyone that could find it helpful - first thing to do is remove the bolt and circlip that holds on the stock clip-ons. With the bars off it's much easier to disassemble everything. Tape your bar ends with plenty tape to avoid damage, and hold them with a large wrench to keep them from spinning. Spray a little WD-40 on the screw head and a good amount of force with a large screwdriver did the trick for me. A breaker bar probably would have been easier but I didn't have access to one. My grip came off very easily by hand, no compressed air or anything needed.

When taking apart the throttle side, remove the screws holding on the lever and the plastic throttle assembly. You will be able to open up the assembly slightly and slide the stock bar right out of the throttle tube - no need to remove the grip, it just stays on the tube.

The clip-ons need a small hole drilled in each side which lets the plastic assemblies sit snug and secure. Use the stock bars as a reference and mark then drill the holes to match. I believe I used a 3/36" bit, but I can't remember for certain - I just used the bit that fit the hole in the stock bars.

I mounted the clip-ons flush with the top of the fork tube. When I tried to mount them flush with the triple tree they were a few millimetres too low to clear bodywork. There's a slight gap between the triple tree and the clip-on clamp.

Once I got them on I tightened everything just slightly and sat on the bike, steering from lock to lock to see how everything clears. I would then make slight adjustments with the angle of the levers/assemblies/clip-ons and tighten again. Get on the bike, steer lock to lock, more adjusting - and repeat until happy. I had to get off and take a close look to check clearance at times, it's VERY close at some points to scraping. When I was happy I put blue Loctite on all 4 bolts of the clip-ons and tightened them down - being careful not to move the bars from their sweet spot.

I took it for a test ride and it was great. The cable interference I mentioned above does not affect normal riding, and is only when locking the steering to park or maneuver the bike. My hands hit the tank when going to full lock as well. I can deal with that - they work just fine when riding so I'm happy.

I recently put on the Yoshimura rearset brackets, so them paired with the Vortex clip-ons transforms the ride. It may not be for everyone - I've seen discussion of raising the bars too - but in the end it's all preference. I like the feel of low clip-ons and raised/pushed back rearsets.

Here are some pictures. Sorry for the dark lighting - these were taken in an underground parking garage. You might notice that there are no bar ends - I couldn't get the plastic ends they came with to go in, they were too tight. Still need to work that out.

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