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"Well that sucks"

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Talked to my dealer today to get an update on when or if he'd be getting the ABS model I ordered. He told me he just talked to his Honda rep. the other day and that they're only sending out 6 ABS models for the region. Apparenly the "region" is about 20 states.

Not only that, but he's not even getting a non-ABS model until June and Honda won't even allow him to order anymore, the one I ordered isn't even showing up in the extended shipping report or whatever they call it. So that'd be atleast past June if he was lucky enough to get one of those 6 ABS models.

Needless to say I told him to try and get a dealer trade for a black/non abs and if nothing else I'll take the one he's got coming in late June.

He seemed just as dissapointed in how Honda is handling this as the rest of us. They really missed the boat.
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I have found a blk cbr available for msrp plus $250 frt. No ABS. I had really wanted the abs now I must decide. I may not find abs until...who knows when..........
I feel your pain. I'd really like to have a red ABS. Pretty sure I'm going to pick up a back non-ABS just because it's available and I want to ride :D
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