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HJC full face helmet.
Honda 'platinum package' - a voucher book with vouchers for free airfilter and spark plug, 6 deep cleans, and 6 oil changes.
And 12 months road side assistance anywhere in Thailand.
Free tax, insurance and rego.

All but the last were a special promo for the first 1000 bikes sold.

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free first service, tank 3M'd, and a battery tender, looked up the price and it costs $150.00 bucks so thats not too shabby...

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pretty sweet, I got nothing extra BUT how much over MRSP did yall pay for your bike? I got mine OTD for $4200.
What state is it? What extra above MSRP? I wonder how people get out of the door price that low?

Here is mine (California):
3,999.00 MSRP
55.00 documents
488.26 sales tax
792.00 fright & setup
125.00 license fee
3.50 California tires fee
5,422.76 out of the door

Even if i take out dealer's "792.00 fright & setup", which i guess is negotiable - i could not get close 4200

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Non ABS in the states is $3700.00 dealer cost. Honda built a $300.00 margin into the bike for its' dealers. So the dealer can choose what to do with that. Freight and setup or optional costs as far as I know. That is, I think the dealer has the the choice rather to charge their customer for that or not.

My dealer in Southern IL does not. But I would expect a meager paper shuffling/processing fee besides tax and license. If your OTD price is really good the dealer is not making much on the sale but probably expects to recoup that with your next bike purchase when your ready to move up.

I will take my bike in for the 600 mile service but I will do the oil and filter change myself before I take it in. No point in being charged the dealers labor rate for that sort of thing. Dealers charge by the hour so why not make it as easy as possible for them?

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Nothing ...
That's what I like to hear. No bullshit about that.

Though I think the first service should be "free" (included in the cost of the bike). It is the important one, to set everything right after the initial shakedown. In some countries it is free. In others it is an extra cost, which surprised me.

I went to the bank I have been with since I was a kid, after a credit card. The woman serving me trotted out all different kinds, each with different supposed benefits.

I told her, "I don't care about the freebies. If I get decent service I'm happy."

Too many businesses don't realise that.
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