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They are retailed at $3999.00 for standard & $4499.00 for ABS, & I think those numbers are advertised enough that no dealer can justify inflating them. The add-ons though, apparently can be negotiated.

My ABS, is costing me $5368.32. They added to $4499: $250 freight, $148 setup, $20.00 "OLRF/DOLRF" (I have no idea what that is), $100.00 document fee, & $293.82 sales tax. I put $250 down to secure it for me. Likely I won't see it till June. I saw on this forum guys got a lot of fees Honda dealer said he'd do something if he could, but I'm not holding my breath. He has my signed sales agreement. I find it nearly impossible to bargain when demand so outstrips supply. If he had 10 of them sitting there, I would very likely of done much better. I don't feel so bad after seeing what you're paying, Kim.

$5368.32 is 3796.28 EURO

For $10,000, I could buy one of the new liter Ninja's, but I'd rather buy the CBR250R for a bit over half of that.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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