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What gear do you use for the track?

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I was able to find a 1-piece women's track suit by Aplinestars. I wore it to my first track days down at Barber and love it. Here's my problem.... my boots don't fit well over the suit. When I wear the boots with my street gear I have no problems, they fit great. But when I have my track suit on, due to the extra width, the boots won't zip all the way. I actually used duct tape for track days to keep them on tight. Does anyone have suggestions of a better boot? Possible one that's more adjustable?

Here's a pic of what I'm currently using for the track...


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what boots do you currently use? one thing i had to do cause i'm so short is take the shin armor out of my a* suit. also, i struggled a little with my sidi b2's getting them over the suit, but my vertigo's have adjustable calves which really helps. let me know if you need any help with women's gear (sizing and opinions). i used to run a cycle gear and have tried on everything under the sun (and i know how hard it is to find proper gear for women)
Thank you doubleRgirl! I currently have Tourmaster boots but don't recall the style name. They zip and velcro over, the velcro has never been great even when I first got them. I am also short at 5'4 so I do have some bunched up suit as well. I will try to get the shin armour our, that might help too. Do you like your vertigo's and recommend them?
i LOOOVE my vertigo's and was so excited when they started making womens specific ones. i always loved my b2's but the vertigos just have so much more armor.

yeah def try taking out the armor, that helped me get mine zipped just barely with the b2's. sometimes i have to pull the legs up a little before i zip up too just to make sure.
Awesome, thanks! I'll shop for some vertigo's this winter and hopefully can stay away from the duct tape next track season.
Just wanted to say, that pic of you leading the R1 is AWESOME! :cool:
DoubleRGirl: What would you think of having the suit altered, so that it fit better? You would probably need someone other than the average dry cleaner, to ensure the durabilty of the new seams, but do you think this might work?
I have a set of SiDi Vertigo's and love them as well.

just a +1 on getting them
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