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I've already had several chats with the local custom shop. Real nice guy. Seems to know what i want.This is what i'm going to do to my Red CBR

1. Powder coating the wheels black, and probably going to add the red wheel accent strip. Between $300-350 he quoted me.

2. Stripping the license plate frame and the bulky tail lights and moving the license plate under the tail more and adding some aftermarket led turn signals to replace the others.

3. Painting the windshield and adding a honda logo into it. Black with red logo.

4. LED lighting. I don't want it too flashy but LEDs in all the right places will make it pop.

5. I haven't fully decided on the other metal accent pieces. I would really love to get rid of the silver and replace it with white, but i imagine that is costly. I'll probably powder coat those black as well.

6. I also plan on getting one of the aftermarket exhausts on the market, but personally i'd like to change the cosmetics before the performance.

Let me know what you think. I'll definitely be putting up before and after pics
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