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Just ride the effing thing, but don't thrash it until you've had the first service done, when everything should be checked and adjusted.

Remember there is more to run in than just the engine. Tyres, brakes and all need a bit of the newness taken off them before they are fully effective, so better to take it a bit easy at first.

Once it is all sorted, give it death if you want to; just don't give yourself death.

Few of the "break in experts" get to keep a bike till the end of its useful life; that falls to mugs like me who pick them up second hand..... but we are not so stupid that we buy something that has obviously been thrashed, crashed and/or not well maintained.

Unwashed and looking a bit rough; not a problem.... maybe better because it knocks the price down to better value for money!!
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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