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I read in the manual that there is storage for a U lock. I am not taking any chances with my bike. I want to get a U lock for the back and a disk lock for the front.

Can anyone measure what can fit? I don't want to drive to the dealership to take measurements of it. They have already pressured me to buy **** from their store. I love this store Motorcycle Superstore - Motorcycle Accessories and Motorcycle Gear Ordered jacket, gloves, and helmet for 370 bucks, shipped to my house in 2 days!

these are what I am considering getting:
Kryptonite New York MC 3000 U-Lock - Street Bike - Motorcycle Superstore
measures 4 x 10.25

Kryptonite Stapler DC 5mm Disc Lock - Street Bike - Motorcycle Superstore
disk lock
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