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What the f*ck is this allen bolt size

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So I want to remove my exhaust to clean the rear caliper and I guess it came with an allen bolt? (bottom one on the pic) Every video I see of someone removing a cbr 250r exhaust shows it with an hex bolt and yet for SOME REASON mine came with this abomination. Soo... Is this normal? And if so does anyone know the size of it so I can buy an adaptor. Thanks lol
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If you wanted to clean caliper, you'll have to remove muffler to get caliper off swingarm. The sliding pin bolts will bump into muffler and won't let you remove caliper. Should also remove the sliding sleeves from caliper, clean and grease with hi-temp silicone grease. This is more important maintenance than lubing piston to pad interface. Your original video shows proper procedure.

Also don't use little L-shaped allen keys or combo tools. Get set of allen-key sockets so you can use ratchet wrench for stability and adequate torque.

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Well half caliper off with muffler in place. Still can't quite remove forward bolt to clean & lubricate sliding sleeve in front. PB-Blaster is your friend! :)
hey, good job!!!

some suggestions for future work:

1. get set of metric wrenches and sockets
2. get set of metric allen-key sockets (pictures above)
3. torque wrench
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