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Wheel scrubs ground while on stand

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Ok, so I noticed while I started cleaning my chain with the rear wheel suspended on the rear stand, in two spots, about 4-5 inches apart, the wheel scrubs the ground. As I turned it, it would lightly scrub in two separate spots right in the middle of the tire. Not enough to lock up the wheel, but enough to where you could see and hear it and obviously tell it was making contact with the garage floor. I know for a fact I never hit anything that would have caused any damage to the rim or axle so....any thoughts?

My garage floor is level. Tire pressure? I've never seen a wheel do this before, especially one that has never had any substantial impact.
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Some questions:-

1) After standing overnight or after a recent run?
2) Hot or cold ?
3) new tyre or worn tyre?
4) If you place a fixed pointer immediately alongside the tyre bead very close to the wheel rim do you see any run-out as you turn the wheel?

I think when you have consider the above you may be able to draw your own conclusions.

Regards Roadster
First time on stand ever/bike has been sitting off stand in storage, but has been rolled every other day so tire eventually makes a full rotation as to not get flat spots.

Cold tire

Tire only has 863 original miles

Haven't tried a pointer on the bead

I get the impression that you are quite a cautious owner and I'm not criticising that. But you need to examine/test the tyre again after you have warmed it up to normal temperature. After a ride it should be hot to touch and is likely to have resumed its 'proper' shape. It inevitably cools while stationary on the prop stand and this will leave it slightly out of round. It is even possible that if you are a very cautious rider you haven't run it in at a high enough speed. New tyres are notoriously miss-shapen during storage.

Regards Roadster
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