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Wheel scrubs ground while on stand

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Ok, so I noticed while I started cleaning my chain with the rear wheel suspended on the rear stand, in two spots, about 4-5 inches apart, the wheel scrubs the ground. As I turned it, it would lightly scrub in two separate spots right in the middle of the tire. Not enough to lock up the wheel, but enough to where you could see and hear it and obviously tell it was making contact with the garage floor. I know for a fact I never hit anything that would have caused any damage to the rim or axle so....any thoughts?

My garage floor is level. Tire pressure? I've never seen a wheel do this before, especially one that has never had any substantial impact.
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as roadster said, use a fixed point measure on wheel then tire..
wheel to eliminate the unlikely event of out of round wheel rim..
scrub point is a form of fixed point, but use the same accurate
fixed point as for the wheel, on the tire..

wouldnt hurt to reduce tire pressure then roll the bike
turning the wheel & tire forward and back, recheck,
repeat if necessary low pressure + rubber mallet
just to bed the tire into its rim, increase pressure
incrementally checking each time [repeating the
pressure release process if necessary]..

ultimately if bedded correctly still with a small high spot
you could run it gradually applying a fixed grinder
to the high spot as it turns, physically reshaping
outside tyre surface to more or less round..
tyres can be and are hand shaped..

you can be fussy with fitting tyres just like chains etc etc,
but someone doing it commercially while having understanding
relevant to good fitting isnt necessarily going to take extra
trouble to get your tyre fitted to perfection, thus its up to
you to get whatever level of 'perfection' you need..

with cast wheels it shouldnt be them out of round
the tyre could also be perfect, the two rounded things
not necessarily fitted with perfectly matching roundness'..
i used to use a mattet and bounce tires up and down etc
when fitting them to spoked honda wheels, including
cleaning inner rims leaving a little detergent water
between inner rims and outer tyre beading
to encourage it to move more or less equally
into position on its wheel..
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ironically tho, irony can have its place in the sun..
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robert - perhaps you could apply that "anal"
attitude about tyres to closure for your
thread started about your tyre :)
no mate, he used the term to describe himself,
i merely quoted it back to him..

suggesting being that the need for orderliness
and attention to detail etc of the 'anal retentive'
could be applied to finishing off this [his] thread..
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