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Wheel scrubs ground while on stand

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Ok, so I noticed while I started cleaning my chain with the rear wheel suspended on the rear stand, in two spots, about 4-5 inches apart, the wheel scrubs the ground. As I turned it, it would lightly scrub in two separate spots right in the middle of the tire. Not enough to lock up the wheel, but enough to where you could see and hear it and obviously tell it was making contact with the garage floor. I know for a fact I never hit anything that would have caused any damage to the rim or axle so....any thoughts?

My garage floor is level. Tire pressure? I've never seen a wheel do this before, especially one that has never had any substantial impact.
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From what you are describing, it would seem you have a defective tire... separated cords, allowing the tire to "balloon" in those spots where it's touching the floor.
That seems like a premature conclusion . . .
How much clearance does the rest of the tire have in relation to the floor?
. . . until that question has been answered.
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