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Wheel scrubs ground while on stand

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Ok, so I noticed while I started cleaning my chain with the rear wheel suspended on the rear stand, in two spots, about 4-5 inches apart, the wheel scrubs the ground. As I turned it, it would lightly scrub in two separate spots right in the middle of the tire. Not enough to lock up the wheel, but enough to where you could see and hear it and obviously tell it was making contact with the garage floor. I know for a fact I never hit anything that would have caused any damage to the rim or axle so....any thoughts?

My garage floor is level. Tire pressure? I've never seen a wheel do this before, especially one that has never had any substantial impact.
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I could care less how many thanks I have showing..or what YOUR opinion is of it even less....I have had hundreds of thank yous in private messages since I have been a member in here..Now go stick your nose in somebody elses business
LOL. Where was your nose in the first place lol? You are truly a laff riot :D.
Would have thought that we'd have heard back from the OP by now, regarding his wonky rear tire...
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Yeah, I've been lurking on this thread to see what's up with that thing.

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robert - perhaps you could apply that "anal"
attitude about tyres to closure for your
thread started about your tyre :)
he! he! you said anal! :0
no mate, he used the term to describe himself,
i merely quoted it back to him..

suggesting being that the need for orderliness
and attention to detail etc of the 'anal retentive'
could be applied to finishing off this [his] thread..
I hear ya. just don't get the chance to be 10 years old very often anymore. would be nice to hear an answer to this though.
Maybe the garage was built on a fault line, and the floor suddenly buckled right underneath the rear tire while he was cleaning the chain?

Or maybe...
Seeing as most stands lift the wheel about 4 inches off the ground, I'm certainly keen to see the tyre.
Seeing as most stands lift the wheel about 4 inches off the ground, I'm certainly keen to see the tyre.
Of course that's if he places the lifting blocks of the stand near the rear axle... if he is following the DudeMan's example (from his chain lube video) and lifting near the swing arm pivot axle... :eek:
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he! he! you said anal! :0[/QUOTE

Hey, are you in Austrailia now?
Yes. We arrived in Sydney and drove to Katoomba for a couple days then to Newcastle and on to Toowoomba to visit relatives. we just got to Main Beach on the Gold Coast and will be here for two weeks.
@Jme, awesome. You and your daughter have fun. Enjoy the nice weather. Snowy and cold here thus, you are missing NOTHING here. Brrrrrrrr. Say hello to the forum Aussie boys lolol.
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Hey guys..sorry for the delay, been busy as all get out. I will get some pics up soon and want to move the bike in a different spot, just make sure there wasn't anything under one of the stand wheels? Never know. And no...the stand wasn't near the pivot points..:p
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Inquiring minds want to know :)
All is well. Turns out, it was the garage floor being unlevel. I couldn't see it, but when I moved the bike and stand to a different place, everything was fine. Sorry it took me a few years to reply.
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