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I took the advises on the forum and upgraded my lights over the weekend. I ordered a pair of LED bulbs for the position lights. they are the 13 SMD ones and they are plenty bright. I also ordered a 6000K H4 hi/lo HID kit off ebay. They are $19.99 with free shipping. Can't beat that.

I installed everything in a few hours, the wiring was a little confusion. but nothing a little internet search can't solve. The lights turned out terrific. The LED position lights are pure light and the HID has a slight blue tint to it.

So when it's time to put everything back, I started having a little trouble deciding where to mount the HID ballast. There is enough wiring to mount it on the side of the frome, just in front of where my right knee would be. concerned it might be too close to the engine head and get too hot. Putting it right behind the headlight cowl would idea but it lacks a good place to tie it down, with all the extra wiring.

So I ended up tying it on the frame, right above radiator fill cap. Seems to just fine, that is, until I tied everything down and put back the fairing, I noticed that when I turn the handlebar all the to the right lock, the right fork would touch the ballast. For the most part, it's fine.

Just wondering for those of you with HID, where do you mount your ballast? I might consider relocating if you have a better place to hide it.

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