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where to buy parts after accident.

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i have tricolor cbr250. yesterday while we was on a trip my father fell.
hopefully hes not hurt just some scratches, the riding gear did his job.

now i need new upper cowl left and right
new middle cowl left and right
front right winker assembly
brake and clutch levers
brake pedal
left foot peg

anyone know where to buy the parts with shipping to Israel?
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wow..he fell on both the left AND right sides of the bike? glad hes just scratched and not hurt..either he went down more than once or he flipped it somehow..either way his CBR250R driving privileges card would be revoked in my book.

You must have bought the bike from a dealer, thats where you should get your parts from..there are several places that will sell to you online, but the shipping charges exceed the cost of the parts most of the time..

Most dealers dont charge you for shipping on parts they order for you since they already pay wholesale prices on those parts instead of the retail (150% markup) price they charge you
He fell on right side then meet the security fence with left side.
The dealer in israel charges astronomical prices.
Like 120$ for mirror ,on tyga-perfomance i can buy the mirror for 18.6$ plus 57$ on large combined shipping but they don't have my color for fairings. So for now i ordering the universal parts like levers steps and pedals.
If you know where to buy fairing it would be nice

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I can get you the fairings. PM me.
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