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Who hits the track?

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So, looking to buy a CBR 250 in about a month!

I was wondering.... do any of you guys go to the track? I started looking in my area (norther IL) and it seems like for any track event it's around $200. That's a lot of money just to ride around.... Do any of you track your bike at a reasonable cost?
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I ride my R6 on the track. Sooooo worth the money. Safe environment to go fast, legally.
No curbs, culverts, cops, trees, on-coming cars, or deer(most of the time...)

I go thru an Advanced Riding School, called Zalusky. ZARS Home
ARS courses, and track days are a GREAT learning tool. There are several instructors/control riders, that give you body positioning tips, and feedback.
There is usually a photographer taking pics that you can study your positioning.

ARS classes start around $100 a day, and track days at Brainerd International Raceway for just a little more. I am HOOKED!
My street riding has improved dramatically. And I've been riding for 31 years! I've basically been perfecting my same bad habits all these years, until now.

I highly recommend it. :)

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You'll need at least $200. However, you will get about $1000 worth of skill (and over $200 worth of fun) in one track day.

I've spent many a day at Blackhawk Farms in South Beloit, IL. Check their website for contact info.
I hope to make BHF next year. :cool:
Get your ARS training here...
Lee Parks schools.
Many dates/locations to choose from.
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