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Who hits the track?

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So, looking to buy a CBR 250 in about a month!

I was wondering.... do any of you guys go to the track? I started looking in my area (norther IL) and it seems like for any track event it's around $200. That's a lot of money just to ride around.... Do any of you track your bike at a reasonable cost?
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Get your ARS training here...
Lee Parks schools.
Many dates/locations to choose from.
Muchas gracias for the link, after wrecking my bike last month I'm needing a skill/confidence booster and I think that'll work well for me.
You're jumping the gun a little bit if you're a new rider and already thinking of hitting the track. Although it's a great goal to have in mind and you definitely can learn a lot at the track, it's something to (slowly) work toward. You need to be intimately familiar with the controls of the bike before even attending the track school. Call up any track school and tell them you're a new rider and they'll turn you away.
How much experience would someone need to no longer be considered "new"?
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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