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Who hits the track?

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So, looking to buy a CBR 250 in about a month!

I was wondering.... do any of you guys go to the track? I started looking in my area (norther IL) and it seems like for any track event it's around $200. That's a lot of money just to ride around.... Do any of you track your bike at a reasonable cost?
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$200 is pretty cheap actually. Around here, $250 only gets you a spot. Then there's usually a $10 gate fee, a $149 clinic for new Tier 1 riders, $20 for gas, $100 for complete rental gear if you don't have race leathers, $20 for the transponder, and $10 for lunch. Also, it's not required, but me and several folks either own or rent a trailer to haul the bike there just in case you screw up on the track and don't have a bike to ride home with. Is it all worth it though? Hell yes.
Thats why track days are commonly referred to as a driver/rider mod.
How much experience would someone need to no longer be considered "new"?
Over nine thousaaaaaand!

1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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