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Who hits the track?

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So, looking to buy a CBR 250 in about a month!

I was wondering.... do any of you guys go to the track? I started looking in my area (norther IL) and it seems like for any track event it's around $200. That's a lot of money just to ride around.... Do any of you track your bike at a reasonable cost?
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Well I should probably clarify some things.

Yes this is my first bike, experience = 0! Unless you count a Ruckus lol

My thinking went like this: Riding on the road gives me great road experience, but on the track I am able to push the bike to its limits and learn things I couldn't try learning on the road to gain experience. I was hoping to maybe do this a couple times a week for a while, but that would be about $800/month. That's a small mortgage....

Maybe there is a more cost effective solution? I don't care if I'm racing, I just want a good environment to push the limits of the bike.

And I live pretty close to Blackhawk Farms!
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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