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Why do you want a CBR250R?

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What is it about the CBR250R that has you wanting one? For me, being an owner of a Honda CBR1000RR already, I want to keep it in the family and I've always had good luck with Honda products. Not to mention the single cylinder should provide more torque than the Ninja 250, which is what I really want on the streets anyway.
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I started riding on the street in 1989 with a 1980 CB400t. Since then I've had a KLX250, CBR600F2, VTR1000, and RVT1000. The RC is track only, and the Superhawk has transformed into a sport touring ride. For rides to and from work(4 miles), and short trips, I find myself riding the KLX most of the time. There is nothing like a small and nimble bike to throw around in town. May even take it to the track and see if I can beat up some of the bigger bikes. I guess that could be considered coming full circle.
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