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Hi Everyone. Some body posted here that there are only two kinds of bikes. the ones you like , and the ones you dont like. I believe this. I had an rz350, and did touring and it was great, so I got a venture royal when it was still 1300cc. It had great torque, bags, radio, intercom, everything. it was also very near 800 pounds. After a while it got more like a 2 wheeled motorhome feeling. I did not have that freedom on a motorcycle feeling. I like the smaller bike feeling, and when I get mine I will eventually take it across a few states here in the U.S.

I also used to like to drive the original air cooled VW bug. they were low on power, but comfortable and fun to drive and inexpensive. You have to anticipate hills and passes, and I forsee a little of this with the 250.

I also always thought a ducati bevel drive single would be fun, but parts are hard to find, expensive, and I would rather ride than wrench. So here is a modern 250 single that looks like it can satisfy all of the usability and fun requirements, I am all for it.
One cylinder, 1/4 the maintenance. This bike is overdue. I think it is very limiting to label this a beginners bike. It is obviously a very good choice for beginners, but I have had bikes since 1978. I am offing a honda vtx 1300 right now. I took it a few states ride, and mostly wished I was back on my KLR650. If the cbr was a 400 or 450, that would be more ideal, but 250 is good. I am hoping to get mine in the next week.
1 - 2 of 48 Posts
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