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Why do you want a CBR250R?

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What is it about the CBR250R that has you wanting one? For me, being an owner of a Honda CBR1000RR already, I want to keep it in the family and I've always had good luck with Honda products. Not to mention the single cylinder should provide more torque than the Ninja 250, which is what I really want on the streets anyway.
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I have been riding for over a decade and owned too many bikes to list; but I have consistently kept a Ninja EX250 in the garage, even when I could only afford 1 bike. I like the new Ninja 250R but the new model makes slightly less power and weighs more than the EX250 despite the much improved aesthetics. The Ninja EX250 was gutless in the low RPM range too and that's where most riding takes place.

I am excited about the Honda because:

*Fuel Injection
(No carbs to synchronize or jetting to adjust and cold starts won't suck)

*Single Cylinder
(More torque where you need it--down low)

*Styling (duh)

*Low Maintenance Costs (correct me if I'm wrong but I've read the valve adjustment interval in 16,000 miles and oil changes come at 8,000 miles)

(Every Honda I've ever owned has been more than the sum of its parts)

And once again, Its more fun to ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow.
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You're far more likely to get bored with a bike that can't be ridden to its full potential. I've owned a number of touring bikes (Goldwing, 1200GS, Harley Road Glide) but only used them for commuting. They were being wasted in the capacity. I've owned two CBR600RRs - excellent track bikes but a not at all fun to ride in stop and go traffic and their handling and performance capabilities can't be (legally) taken advantage of on a public road.

. . .

Disclaimer: I've test ridden the CBR but I do not currently own on. Yet.
I read your mini-review but want more TowJam. With your experience, I think you would be a good one to ask about a comparison. I'm mostly worried this bike will feel too underpowered. I like to ride back country roads. I found a Suzuki DR650SE for the same price and may get it instead. Any thoughts? I have plenty of riding experience just can't find a demo ride on a CBR250R and the DR650 is a good 3 hour drive away.
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