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Why do you want a CBR250R?

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What is it about the CBR250R that has you wanting one? For me, being an owner of a Honda CBR1000RR already, I want to keep it in the family and I've always had good luck with Honda products. Not to mention the single cylinder should provide more torque than the Ninja 250, which is what I really want on the streets anyway.
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I'm getting one for the racetrack. I race 600s and 1000s, and I've been thinking about racing a smaller bike. I'll be racing against the ninja, and I hope the Honda can compete!
Same here! Where do you race?
You're far more likely to get bored with a bike that can't be ridden to its full potential. I've owned a number of touring bikes (Goldwing, 1200GS, Harley Road Glide) but only used them for commuting. They were being wasted in the capacity. I've owned two CBR600RRs - excellent track bikes but a not at all fun to ride in stop and go traffic and their handling and performance capabilities can't be (legally) taken advantage of on a public road.

On the other hand, the CBR250 is a user friendly bike that inspires confidence -even with newer riders and yet on a public road, will handle (if not out-accelerate) pretty much any cage - and you'll have fun doing it. And even if you get bored, look at the going prices of used Ninja 250s and you'll see that the CBR stands a good chance of maintaining decent resale value - so it's a win/win.

There's a lot of truth in the old saying, "It's more fun to ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow."

Disclaimer: I've test ridden the CBR but I do not currently own on. Yet.
Amen to that brother....
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