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Yes, they work with a hair dryer. A heat gun is much higher temperatures and can burn the plastic easily, very easily. So if you are working with a heat gun you need really, really small hot touches.

I searched on YouTube, there are a lot of videos on this subject, and I couldn't understand what the role of the water is, what the role of the soap is, and from which side you attach and from which side you remove the thin foil.
And I was able to understand that there are three forms of air bubbles:
  1. Pointy - You have to lead the point towards the edge, and sometimes it will work out instead with the help of additional heat.
  2. Wavy - You have to lead the wave towards the edge.
  3. And like "finger" - if the finger is wide, then pass a pressing strip in the middle to separate it into two more delicate fingers. On the fingers go with the wiper perpendicular to the finger and with the addition of heat.
If I look at your result then it seems to me that you did not work correctly with the "finger" type.
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