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So i'm in the process of applying a vinyl tint film to the OEM windshield. I want a tinted windshield but I dislike the look of double bubble windshields, since I can't find a tinted windshield with the OEM shape I decided to do this instead.

Here are pictures of the first attempt (obviously a big fail). I used a squeegee to try and remove the bubbles but it didnt work. On my second attempt Ill try spraying soapy water on the windshield and film before applying it. Ive seem some people also use a hairdryer with success.

Any tips are more than welcome.

And yes Ideally Id apply the wrap to the back of the windshield but since my fairings are broken on the inside I can't remove it out of my bike, so I'm applying it to the outside lol.

Pics of first attempt FAIL:

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